Risks without Reward: Why It’s Important to Insure

Travel insurance is pretty much never your client’s top-of-mind concern when booking a trip. The cost of purchasing a plan may not seem worth it when it comes time to buy. So why recommend they spend their hard-earned vacation savings on something so “un-fun”? The simple answer: because things happen and they can happen to anyone. Getting caught on a trip without insurance could be costly if your clients opt-out.

Purchasing a plan could be the difference between knowing what to do and having to make a tough decision. Or the difference between having travel insurance coverage and assistance services on your client’s side vs. a heap of uncovered, out-of-network medical bills.

Here are a few common scenarios resulting from covered events where travel insurance can make all the difference for your clients.

Family of five taking a beach vacation: Tough decisions

It’s the day before a vacation and a quick trip to the doctor confirms your clients’ fears: the youngest has the flu. Being well prepared and savings-savvy, your clients purchased their travel arrangements well in advance, including flights, their condo reservation, theme park passes and concert tickets—all of which are non-refundable.

Your clients aren’t sure what to do—should some of the family try to take the trip anyway? Nobody likes the idea very much and their youngest has been looking forward to their first visit to the family’s favorite theme park for months. If your clients purchased travel insurance, making a tough decision could be a lot easier. Instead of worrying about trying to salvage the vacation in some way, your clients could cancel and file a claim for reimbursement for up to 100% of their insured trip costs, provided all coverage requirements are met—giving your clients the opportunity to reschedule their vacation for a time when everybody can take the trip and enjoy it as they’d planned.

Single professional touring Europe: Unexpected itinerary changes

Your client just started their multi-city, two week trek through Western Europe when an unexpected storm cancels their flight out of JFK. Stuck in the states, your client will have to wait and fly across the Atlantic the following day, missing their connecting flight in Dublin. Unsure when they’ll make it to Brussels, your client is also forfeiting at least one night of lodging and is worried they might miss their tour group’s departure to Paris the next morning.

These types of unexpected delays are what travel insurance is designed for and if your client purchased a plan it can help in several ways, up to the benefit amount provided. Because your client’s delay is six hours or more, the plan provides coverage for dinner and an overnight hotel stay in New York—a weight off their shoulders while they call our 24/7 travel assistance team for help planning their new itinerary. Your client’s travel insurance can provide coverage for their prepaid travel arrangements they have to forfeit, like their first night of lodging in Brussels and any missed tour days. And if it turns out your client has to book a flight with another airline or purchase additional transportation to catch up to the tour in Paris, travel insurance can provide coverage for these costs as well. Having booked their long-anticipated tour on a budget, your client is relieved and relaxed to have travel insurance on their side, and grateful you recommended it to them since airlines aren’t obligated to cover any of these costs.

Senior couple taking a cruise: International medical costs

Your clients are enjoying a Caribbean cruise for their 45th wedding anniversary when the Mrs. takes a spill on the upper deck and injures her ankle. She receives medical assistance from the ship’s on-board physician, but the facility is limited so your clients will have to cut their trip short to seek more thorough care for their medical emergency. Your clients contact our 24/7 assistance team who speaks with the on-board physician and arranges for your clients’ transportation to the nearest suitable medical facility that can adequately treat the injury

In addition to assisting your clients and arranging for their transportation to the nearest hospital, your clients’ travel insurance plan can also reimburse them for their missed cruise nights and overnight lodging, meals and local transportation while your clients are delayed. Once your clients can return home from the hospital, travel assistance can help arrange the flight back and their insurance coverage can provide coverage for the cost to modify their return tickets.

Without travel insurance, your clients would be navigating this difficult situation on their own, facing unfamiliar circumstances and international medical expenses that their primary insurance is likely unable to cover. With our plan on their side, Generali Global Assistance is able to work with the cruise line on your client’s behalf to help them get the treatment that they need.

While no one wants to think about them when planning a trip, travel mishaps are quite common. Relying on travel suppliers to “make things right” if something goes wrong might leave your clients high and dry, so recommending your clients purchase travel protection could be the best piece of advice that you can give them. If you have any questions about our plans our customer service team is available seven days a week.

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