Domestic Travelers Who Might Want to Consider Travel Insurance

The U.S. Department of State includes getting insured on its pre-departure checklist for international travelers — travelers who are also likely investing sizeable trip costs to schedule their plans abroad and therefore seemingly clear potential candidates to offer well-rounded travel protection plans. But what about your clients’ domestic trips? Knowing when to introduce travel insurance options to your clients traveling within the U.S. and the potential benefits available to them may not be as obvious. A variety of domestic trips can benefit from travel insurance, yet some domestic travelers may have more interest in purchasing a protection plan than others.

Here are a few types of travelers who may be at higher risk of experiencing an issue that could impact their travels or who may have a heightened interest in buying travel insurance.

Travelers with complex itineraries

Complex itineraries and tours may be at higher risk for loss as they could suffer from a domino effect if your client misses a leg, particularly at the beginning of their itinerary. Consider a multi-leg for a family of five. If your client’s trip is interrupted early on, additional expenses to get all five travelers caught up with their itinerary can accumulate quickly and making impromptu travel plans en route can be stressful. A travel insurance plan can help your clients catch up if their interruption is due to a covered reason such as a flight delay due to bad weather. Should your clients experience such a delay or interruption they can call CSA Travel Protection, your trusted partner, and discuss their plan details as they relate to their situation with a dedicated customer service team member who can help your clients decide how to move forward.

Seasonal travelers

If your clients are traveling during a time of year subject to adverse weather or to a part of the country subject to adverse weather, travel protection has multiple coverages that can reimburse for a variety of expenses should they have difficulty reaching their destination or getting back home due to a weather-related covered reason. For instance, your client can seek reimbursement for forfeited portions of their prepaid resort or hotel stay, additional transportation costs to reach their destination or return home and also their out of pocket expenses incurred while delayed such as accommodations, local transportation and meal costs. If you’re booking a trip for clients taking a winter ski trip to Colorado or a summer beach vacation to the hurricane-prone Carolina coast, travel protection may come in handy.

Worrisome travelers

Risks are risks and many of the potential problems international travelers face remain for domestic travelers. Travel protection provides coverage for specific covered events that might impact your client’s plans and these events could happen to any traveler any time, such as  cancelled or delayed flights due to adverse weather; cancellations or interruptions due to a sickness or injury of your client, their traveling companion or a family member; or lost, damaged or delayed bags. Depending on your client’s primary health insurance coverage, it may also be important that they purchase travel insurance for emergency assistance services and emergency medical transportation. Many primary insurers provide out-of-network emergency care, but some might not and others might not provide coverage for hospitalization. If your client has limited primary coverage or isn’t sure, it may be  better for them to be safe rather than sorry by purchasing supplemental medical coverage via travel insurance from a reputable provider, like CSA.

Cost-conscious travelers

When offering travel protection to a domestic traveler, your client might say they aren’t spending enough to need to insure their plans. The thought of losing prepaid arrangements for a week-long trip to Bali may likely cause more stress for your client than the thought of losing weekend arrangements in New York City, yet the cost of travel insurance is greatly influenced by your client’s trip cost. So if your client’s domestic trip cost is relatively small, their travel protection plan cost will likely be relatively small as well.

You never know who might want to buy a travel insurance plan for valuable coverages, services and peace of mind. Offering travel insurance to all of your clients encourages them to consider their options so they can make the best decision for themselves and their travel investment and enjoy their trip to the fullest. If your clients have any questions about how a travel protection plan can benefit them, they can always contact our Customer Service Department, available seven days a week, at 1-800-348-9505.

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