Caribbean Travel Guide: Common Mishaps that Call for Trip Insurance, Plus the Region’s Top Resort Destinations

For your clients who are wanting to relieve the winter cold with a dose of sunshine—whether they’re simply relaxation-seekers wanting to enjoy a laid-back beach retreat or adventure-seekers who enjoy water-based sports like scuba diving—there seems to be something for everyone in the Caribbean. A favored vacation region, the Caribbean includes 25 countries and hundreds of resorts that are a short flight from the East Coast United States.

Caribbean travelers are frequently choosing to stay at resorts for overall comfort and convenience, as many are all-inclusive without compromising luxury—and smaller, private resort beaches tend to be less crowded than other island beaches. As you book trips to the Caribbean this season, don’t forget to remind your clients why travel insurance can be a valuable add-on to their vacation package. Plus, check out our list of four Caribbean countries with some of the best beach resorts.

Why Travel Insurance for a Caribbean Beach Vacation?

Here are a few common mishaps that your clients might experience during a Caribbean vacation and the ways a CSA-Generali Global Assistance travel insurance plan can help:

  • Hurricanes and natural disasters.

    Travel insurance is especially important when traveling during hurricane season, as your clients may encounter travel disruptions. Although many Caribbean destinations go years unscathed by hurricanes, there are always risks involved with natural disasters—particularly if they’re heading to an island located in the hurricane belt. Travel insurance can help your clients recoup their trip investment if they have to cancel or interrupt their plans due to a mandatory hurricane evacuation or a flight delay or cancellation due to bad weather. They can also be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses, such as meals and overnight lodging while delayed.

  • Petty crime.

    Research shows that popular destinations such as Jamaica and the Bahamas experience more criminal activity—mostly petty crime— than other islands in the region. CSA-Generali Global Assistance plans include Baggage Coverage to help protect your belongings from theft, loss or damage. Coverage for cancellations and interruptions due to a theft of passports or visas is also included.

  • Health hazards.

    Most medical plans don’t cover international medical expenses—so if your clients’ Caribbean vacation is taking them outside the US, they may want to consider purchasing a travel insurance plan with Medical and Dental Coverage. Such coverage may be of particular interest to those planning active vacations but could also come in handy for any traveler worried about getting sick or injured while traveling (IE: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, drinking tap water in the Caribbean could be hazardous).

Best Caribbean Beach Resorts: Jamaica, Bahamas and Beyond

Turks and Caicos Resorts

With miles of white sandy beaches and pink coral reef, Providenciales, called Provo by locals, is the most developed island in Turks and Caicos—and most resorts here are family friendly. There’s also country-wide policy to keep mass development at a minimum, so your clients won’t have to worry about over development. And here’s a fun fact: although Turks and Caicos is under British-rule, it uses the American dollar.

When to Go: (December – May) Like other Caribbean beach resort destinations, Turks and Caicos’ busy season is from December to March as most activities are available then. Your clients will avoid larger crowds in April and May, right before rainy hurricane season, which runs from June to November.

Jamaica Resorts

If you’re working with active travelers, they may find that Jamaica has a lot to offer. From water-based activities like scuba diving to land-based mountain hiking—there’s plenty to do. And if your clients need to squeeze in some R&R, there’s a wide variety of spa services and beach lounging opportunities.

When to Go: (November – March) Early season, from November to mid-December, is recommended as weather is best—but January through March is considered peak booking season. Hurricane season lasts all summer into early autumn.

Bahamas Resorts

The Bahamas has a wide reach. With 700 islands, 23 inhabited, there’s everything from pink sandy beaches, historic landmarks, busy cities to exclusive golf courses.

When to Go: (December – April) Like most Caribbean destinations, rainy season starts in May and peak hurricane season is from June to late November.

Dominican Republic Resorts

The Dominican Republic is the most visited island in the Caribbean; it’s also one of the region’s most geographically diverse countries with beaches, colonial architecture, mountainous terrain and even desert scrublands.

When to Go: (December – May) Peak season is December through March, but April and May are best for those wanting to avoid major crowds. Keep in mind, the Atlantic Ocean’s hurricane season lasts from June to November.

Introduce these popular destination and reasons for purchasing CSA-Generali Global Assistance travel insurance to your next Caribbean-bound clients and give them a sunny trip to look forward to complete with the peace of mind they deserve. We appreciate the continued opportunity to serve your customers while boosting your business with competitive commissions on each plan sold. To learn more about how to increase CSA-Generali Global Assistance plan sales at your agency, contact your dedicated account manager.

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