The Most Popular Destinations During the Fall Travel Shoulder Season

Fall is an ideal time to travel for those who enjoy fewer crowds and smaller lines. This timeframe is known as shoulder season, which typically takes place between September and October and then again from April through mid-June.

CSA Travel Protection, dedicated for 25 years to providing full-service travel insurance solutions, looked at where its customers traveled last fall and found that most stayed within the United States. When traveling internationally, then the Caribbean,  Mediterranean/Europe and Mexico were also popular destinations.

According to Travel Leaders fall travel trend survey, Maui was the number one U.S. destination for the remainder of the year. London was the number one international destination proving recent events have not impacted travel to Europe.

“These trips are generally more affordable this time of year since it’s off-peak season,” said Bob Chambers, vice president of operations at CSA Travel Protection, which reported an increase in travel insurance bookings up nine percent year over year. “Many tourists are back to work or back to school so those who want to take trips often enjoy fewer crowds.”

CSA found that European/Mediterranean trips cost on average nearly twice as much as domestic trips, which could be a major reason the latter was more popular among shoulder season travelers. Additionally, the average number of travelers per trip was two; and the average age of travelers to all destinations was dominated by the baby boomer segment.

Most people purchased travel insurance roughly three months in advance of their trip departure date, while the average trip length was 9 days.

“Before booking their next vacation, travelers shooting for off-peak season need to do their homework or talk to a travel professional to be sure they’re nailing down the right travel window,” said Lea Nielsen, vice president of sales and business development at “If they are going on a cruise on the other side of the world, then the off-peak season could be different than what they expect. Working with a seasoned travel expert like one of our personal cruise advisors can save you time and money.”

Whether you consult an expert or research your trip online, it’s important to be aware of the many factors that can affect a fall vacation. Be sure to check for weather and travel alerts before departing. After all, it’s still hurricane season through November, so if a storm is forming before you depart, you’re going to want to know.

In addition to considering when to take a trip and if booking during shoulder season is right for you, be sure to consider a travel protection plan from a reputable source such as CSA Travel Protection.

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