CSA Travel Protection Offers Free Emergency Assistance Services to U.S. Travelers Caught in Hurricane Arthur’s Path

Toll Free Number Helps Stranded Travelers and Families Due to Storm

SAN DIEGO – [July 3, 2014] – As Hurricane Arthur threatens the U.S. eastern seaboard, CSA Travel Protection (CSA) is providing emergency travel and medical assistance services free to all U.S. travelers and their families affected by the storm.

Anyone seeking assistance services can reach the CSA assistance centers directly by calling (855) 806-1090. Free services include flight and hotel booking, medical and legal referral, traveling companion assistance, emergency cash transfer and interpretation/translation services.

In addition to free assistance services, CSA recommends travelers utilize the following resources to help them prepare for their travels during hurricane season.


Social Media:

  • Research shows that people are using social media to stay informed during emergencies. When cell phones won’t work but the internet will, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking resources are great tools for getting information quickly. Just be sure to use trusted sources that are dispelling rumors.

In an emergency hurricane situation, it’s important to use common sense. These resources are a guide for how to prepare for a hurricane. However, it’s impossible to predict the outcome even if everything is done right.